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Microseismic acquisition, data processing, analysis and QC for the geothermal and hydrocarbon industries


Altcom's Microseisgram system provides enhanced microseismic data processing and Quality Control (QC) capabilities for the geothermal and hydrocarbon industries. Microseisgram is a platform-independent software package which covers data acquisition, processing, 3D visualisation, and tomographic imaging. Each of these components is fully integrated into the core module, making Microseisgram an essential tool for anyone looking to make the most of their microseismic data.

How Microseisgram can help your business

  • Enhanced data processing
  • Quality Control
  • Remote accessibility
  • Simultaneous processing

Accurate and reliable data

Microseisgram provides highly detailed and accurate data for surveys. It enables users to perform Quality Control (QC) checks on microseismic data, ensuring that the data is both accurate and reliable. The software can be deployed either as a standalone application or as a client to a multi-user remotely-accessible relational database, allowing for interactive working from remote sites across the globe. This feature makes it easier for multiple analysts to work on the same data set simultaneously, increasing efficiency and collaboration.

Additionally, when combined with automated data acquisition software, Microseisgram has the capability for multiple remote analysts to process microseismic data simultaneously while clients perform QC checks. This allows for quick and efficient analysis of large amounts of data, streamlining the data processing and analysis workflow. Overall, Microseisgram provides a robust solution for accurate and reliable microseismic data processing and analysis.