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The Customer Data Platform for the Transport Industry


RosettaEIP is secure cloud Enterprise Integration Platform that captures and ingests multiple data sources into an SQL database for interrogation, segmentation and export into business and marketing systems to build detailed customer profiles. It integrates with numerous Email and marketing systems, and is fully GDPR compliant, so you can contact the right customers at the right time.

With RosettaEIP, you can:

  • Get more information about your customers
  • Improve customer satisfaction and engagement with more relevant comms
  • Increase productivity by spending less time on data management
  • Improve customer service, including loyalty schemes, with a better understanding of your customer needs

A single source of truth

Most transport companies lose valuable data, as their customers plan journeys and book tickets using third party booking systems. The data they do have is often collected from various places and in different formats, making it hard to have a unified view. This often leads to duplicate or irrelevant comms, which contributes to poor customer satisfaction and engagement.

RosettaEIP takes the pain out of transport customer data. It takes unrelated data sources in multiple formats, and creates a unified view of customer information. It integrates with external sFTP, REST & SOAP APIs, is optimised for use with Email, and has pre-built support for Rail industry data sources.