Abellio Web Build and Hosting


The brief

Abellio is a major transportation company in Europe, operating in Germany, the Netherlands, and (until 2023) the UK. They came to us to rebuild their website in 2014. The goal of the project was to develop a user-friendly website that would enhance Abellio's online visibility, make it easier for users to find information about their transportation services, and provide a seamless browsing experience on different devices.

What we did

To achieve Abellio's goals, we took the following steps:

  1. Discovery Phase: We conducted a series of meetings with Abellio's management team to better understand the company's goals and needs. We also researched the company's competitors and leaders in other related industries.
  2. Design Phase: Discovery phase outputs were use to create a design concept for the new website. The design incorporated Abellio's brand guidelines  and a modern and user-friendly interface.
  3. Development Phase: Once the design was approved, our team began development using the Drupal content management system (CMS) to build the website, delivering a flexible and scalable platform that could easily be updated and maintained.
  4. Testing and Launch: Before launching the website, we conducted a series of tests to ensure that the website was functioning correctly and that the user experience was optimal. We optimised the server performance using the Varnish proxy caching server and opcode and object caches like Memcache. Once all tests were completed successfully, we launched the new website.
  5. Ongoing Support:  We provided ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that the website remained functional and up-to-date until it was retired in May 2023 after Abellio withdrew from the UK transport market.

The result

The website was well received and supported Abellio's rapid expansion in the UK transport from 2014.